Friday, May 8, 2009

Destination: Disneyland!

We're back!  

Together, we survived almost 20 hours in a car and another 24 on foot all for the experience of our first family vacation to Disneyland.

The trip was ridiculously perfect.  Nobody peed their pants (or worse), the number of tears spilled could fill a tablespoon and we came home with the same number of people that we left with.  Not too bad for this clan o'mine.  We were able to hit up both parks from opening to closing and my kids went on every ride that they were tall enough to get on, even the Tower of Terror!  Their Dad would have been so proud of them -- real soldiers.  Oddly enough, the only thing they didn't want to do was meet the Disney characters themselves.  But if I thought they were real, I probably wouldn't be too thrilled with a pair of six foot tall chipmunks making their way towards me either.

As my son would say, it was "Awesome, Awesome, Awe-Some!"  And I was able to learn some things about my family, too.  I learned that my little ones are just as crazy as their Dad was, that Sage can be trusted to use the gas station bathroom by herself without skipping out and hitching a ride to San Francisco, that Auntie Stacey is Harlowe's new best friend ever and that my brother-in-law deserves a Get Into Heaven Free card for being the man behind the wheel for the entire trip.  Thanks Johnny Boy!

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