Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu In Reno

Yesterday, we had our first confirmed case of Swine Flu here in Reno, Nevada. To make matters worse, the girl is a preschooler with no links to Mexico or any other travel. It's been reported that her case is "mild" (although her temperature shot to 104 degrees), that she didn't require hospitalization and is recovering nicely. Her school was disinfected but not closed and I have to wonder if the teachers are standing in front of nothing but empty chairs this morning.

Swine Flu. The name itself is awful.  In my head I see pig-like symptoms, not flu-like.   know that's ridiculous but with a name like Swine Flu .....  I can't help myself. Instead of temperature spikes, chills and fatigue I see faces with bristly snouts, pink complexions and the tell-tale signs of a corkscrew tail. Don't get me started on Mad Cow Disease. I know, I know. I need help.

My point is that our much anticipated family vacation to Disneyland is just days away and with all the public displays of touching that go on in a super-kid-adult-human-swine-populated place like that, I'm a little concerned, verging on freaked out. Maybe hyper-vigilant is a better description. I chant it so often my kids can mouth along with me as I rant, "Cover Your Mouth! Wash Your Hands!" My four year old can now spell the words dog, stop and sanitize.  I'm trying to convince my 17 year old that she'd look cool in a surgical mask but she's not listening to me.  

So, along with the sunscreen and Capri-Suns, I'm packing a small drugstore worth of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Nothing wrong with an ounce of prevention. In the end, I'm sure we'll all come home with smiles, tans and great memories of our trip, sans-Swine.

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