Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grease Yourself Up and Get Ready to Wrestle!

Last week I ranted a bit about MTV's Teen Cribs. This week I'll be raving about the Yin to it's Yang, VH1's Great Debate. Because nothing makes this Dame smile like a good verbal dogfight based on things supremely trivial. Bring it, chumps!

In this super short series of five shows, VH1 seeks to answer the greatest pop culture questions e-v-e-r. And I say "super short" because with only five shows, I'll have to catch them all when they re-air which of course VH1 will do on a perpetual loop 'cause the Rock of Love skanks have finally wobbled their drunk asses off the tour bus and into Charm School.

Anyway, as I was raving .....

The Great Debate is kind of like their show, I Love the 80s, but not. In the course of a handful of one hour shows that grow in intensity, familiar personalities, comedians and overall idiots (think Brooke Hogan) will tackle micro-world queries such as:

Who had the best damaged penis scene?  Something About Mary vs Pork's

Who was the jerkiest High School Principal?  Ed Rooney vs Richard Vernon

Which was the most bad-ass Tarantino flick?  Pulp Fiction vs Reservoir Dogs

Which is the most important video game ever?  Pac-Man vs Donkey Kong

Neither the pop-culture junkies, the pot heads or even the adults still living in their parent's basement has an advantage here.  Watch it once and you'll see that you really do have an opinion on who the hotter Travolta is: Tony Manero vs Danny Zuko  (duh,  Zuko).

My suggestion is to grab your popcorn (which can be thrown at the TV with no damage unless you also throw the bowl), grab your box o'wine 'cause you'll need it to dull the pain when irrational decisions are made (like who was the hottest castaway on Gilligan's Island) and let'!  

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