Friday, January 15, 2010

Somebody ... Anybody ... Toy With Me!

I'm squealing with delight (yes, squealing) because ... [drumroll, please] ... I'm guest writing over at Toy With Me today!! Yaaaay me! I can hardly contain myself. Good Lord ... maybe I should get a grip and stop drinking my coffee from a bucket and a swirly straw. Anyway, come see me at Toy With Me to hear what I have to say about The Sex, or lack thereof, and the things that I may or may not be willing to do to stop my vagina from writing sad poems and crying all the time (not really, the crying would be kind of gross don'tcha think?)

If you are a person who gave birth to me, are related to me or find the thought of me engaged in The Sex disturbing, you don't have to read the article. You can support my writing in other ways. Like free babysitting. And money, money is always good. Oooooh, and one of those ergonomically correct desk chairs. No? Then click here, dammit!


Anonymous said...

Nice work, very emotional and heartfelt but still sexy and funny!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Kudos for writing that. Very poignant and the humor shines through.