Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming Soon .... The Chronicles of Babbleville

Holy Hell, people! I cannot believe that come Monday, the kids will be back to school. Well, not entirely. Sage is 18 now and still "exploring" her opportunities. Translation: wasting the day away on some social networking site and then making brownies after I go to bed. And well, Boss Lady was born after some lame-ass cutoff date so she has to do another full year of pre-school which is only 2.5 hours long and so beneath her superior intelligence that it's almost an insult but we'll take it anyway.

Alright, so maybe it's just The Boy that's going back to school full-time ... but I Can't Wait!

Here's one reason:

I've been holding back from you, dear readers. What with suffering through a summer of outdoor activities and tending to little things like feeding the kids three squares a day and making sure my internal cauldron of craziness does not boil over, I have neglected to describe in any kind of detail the outrageous cast of characters on and around my block. This neighborhood is some kind of wonderful; a fantastic hybrid of Sesame Street meets Cops meets those old school, late night movies on Showtime that us kids were never supposed to watch but we so did.

These ladies deserve to be fleshed out properly and now that I have an extra 2.5 hours in my day, my goal is to do just that. But first, I have to come up with a pseudo-name for our tiny little corner of the planet.

I think I'll dub thee Babbleville.

Unless ya'll got something better. 

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