Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball Fever

At just five years old, my son Maximus has a mistress. Her name is Baseball.

It all started when his school sent home a flyer about the local Cal Ripken T-Ball Division. Immediately, his Uncle Johnny and I thought it would be a great idea for Max who loves anything that might send him to the emergency room. And since his Dad passed away, leaving Max in a house full of estrogen, I've been sort of obsessed with giving him a healthy dose of all things male. It's like there's a checklist in my head for Things All Boys Must Do. Or more accurately, Things His Dad Would Have Done.

Max became an official team member of the Cal Ripken Orioles and so began a love affair. His passion is all-consuming.

Saturday night Max got to go to his first real game and saw the Reno Aces, a triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The new outdoor stadium was a perfect setting for this rite of passage; all major league style with an intimacy that had us sitting right above the dug-out on the third baseline. Max proved to be a quick study. He wore his mitt when left-handed batters were at the plate, clapped along to the beat of the stadium music, assigned himself a favorite player (Josh Whitesell) and screamed that the umps needed glasses. The only time his jittery, sugar-crazed eyes left the field was to see a re-play on the big screen.

The Aces won and Max left with a new hat, a dirt-smudged game ball and a high-five from the creepy mascot, Archie. And thanks to Grandpa and Uncle Johnny, I can now mark that off my list. Baseball Game:  check!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!!!!

That is an awesome story! It is sooooo good to know that he loves male stuff and especially sports!!!!! Now you know it is also up to Uncle Johnny to teach him how to Skateboard. This would have been a major priority to his Father, if he were still alive. Maybe it is my job to remind Uncle Johnny that skateboarding was part of his brother's exsistance. Skateboarding was a huge part of Max's Dad's life.... I know in my heart that he would want Max to start learning as much as possible as soon as possible.... which I believe is why he always took Max to the skatepark with him and had max riding on his skateboard with him when Max was only a baby!

God Damnit.... If I have to teach Max to skate, I can see Sel laughing from Heaven... Cuz it was Seltar that tought me how to skate and took me everywhere with him when he skated so I could watch! Ha Ha...... And I still love skating and watching "the boys" skateboard in Venice Beach!

I am very proud of my God Son for getting out there and going for it! He is a great little guy and the spitting image of his Dad..... down to the way he puts his hands in his pockets!

Now I know Uncle Johnny wants Max to learn Hockey.... and that is fine. But he HAS to learn to ride on a skateboard as well..... I hear it in my head loud and clear Rich!!!! I am trying!

Ha Ha......

Love, Auntie Stacey

Gina said...

Max rides a skateboard and after Sel passed, Johnny took him to the skate park quite a bit. But like lots of kids his age, he's all about his scooter.