Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Dinner: McDonalds

Normally on a Monday, you'd expect to find a recipe for whatever it was I served at our ritualistic Sunday night dinner. This would be accompanied by some quick witted comments (or at I least I think they're witty) about why I made it or what oddball thing happened during the course of the day. Nope, not today.  Because the kids ate McDonalds and the night before that they had grilled cheese sandwiches and I'm sure most of us know how to make that. And if you don't, oh well.

So here's why I boycotted being a fully functional Mother this weekend.  Don't worry, this Pity Party comes to you in its abbreviated form:

Sage calling from SF to ask for money
Me stupid enough to send it
Max's kindergarten graduation
Missing his Dad
My mom questioning my father-in-law about bedding Asian women while in the military
Me wanting to crawl into the center of the Earth
Saturday & Sunday
Me reading two, count'em two novels
Blues Clues marathon
Thunder storms
Kids in PJs
Me in their Dad's sweatshirt (why do I do this) 
More crying
Spilled milk
Ants in the damn kitchen
Are my eyes bleeding
Screw it


Anonymous said...

That made me sad. I hope you're doing ok! I don't know what else to say. I hate that you are having to do all of this on your own. I know you CAN and you WILL, but it ain't fair and it bums me out. But a testament to you is that Max and Harlowe are really great kids. And you are doing a great job with them.... So keep up the good, mind numbing work!

Gina said...

Thanks Stacey (I knew those cheerleading days of yours would pay off some day!)